Hear From our Participants and Volunteers:

"Unlimited Potential has opened up so many opportunities that will help me have a more successful future. You truly do get out what you put in and everyone here advocates and works to help you be as successful as possible.  I’ve taken advantage of everything they have to offer: budgeting classes, building credit, and mentorships, and it has helped me take the steps I needed to become more independent and prosperous. Whether I need help with getting clothes for my child or learning how to fill out forms, UP has always been there to help and I know I can rely on them for help in the future."
- Participant, 20 years old

"The UP Program has helped me with many things, housing and mentorship being the biggest ones as well as the food pantry, laundry facility and if i should ever need it they even offer a shower room. Life for me without assistance like UP was very complicated.

I struggled with finishing up the important things like school because finding and maintaining a job was of bigger concern for me along with finding a place to stay and  budgeting for an apartment. I found myself in a constant loop of those three things as well as trying to figure out the whole process of being out of foster care. Once I was offered help from UP I have seen major progress in myself. I have been able to share my struggles and questions freely and without judgement. I have worked with one of the mentors to help finish up with my schooling. And have kept in contact and in connections with my assigned mentor who is helping me to learn how to budget for my current apartment.

Having this help has opened up time in my life to work towards my drivers license as well as look for a job all the while learning many other things.  I am very grateful for what UP has done for me and feel that I have learned a lot."
- Participant, 21 years old

"Jeff and I were matched as mentor and mentee. There were those who thought our relationship would never last because of our differences: age, religion, nationality, race, education, political views, etc. We bonded immediately when we ate dinner together the first time.  And our love for each other has continued. Jeffery has since graduated from A&M, become a U.S. citizen, obtained a driver’s license, and been completely self sufficient; he has accomplished this on his own and I have been his “cheerleader” in his endeavors. What a difference he has made in my life!"
- Glo Hays, UP Mentor

"My experience as a mentor was rewarding and fulfilling on many levels. I enjoyed building a relationship with young men where we could share our differing backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and goals. I learned things about a generation of youth I often don't understand and was encouraged by the creativity and energy of my mentees. I enjoyed answering their questions about day to day decisions and larger life lessons and believe they appreciated the wisdom and advice I would share. I always looked forward to our regular time together as we jointly identified something we could do that allowed us to grow our relationship and just have fun - which usually involved eating!"
- Dennis Davidson, UP Mentor

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