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There is real power in having a mentor!

The benefits to young adults are both immediate and long term. They include:

● Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
● Stronger relationships with others
● Improved interpersonal skills

To become a volunteer mentor you must:

● Be at least 25 years of age​
● Successfully pass an extensive screening and background check
● Successfully complete 9 hours of classroom training provided by Unlimited Potential
● Make a minimum 12 month commitment to a mentee with an average of 10 hours per month

Mentor: An Experienced and Trusted Adviser

UP recruits and trains mentors to come alongside our young adults and help them navigate the transition into adulthood. Many times our participants that age out of foster care are left to fend for themselves with very limited life skills or resources. This is where the vital role of our mentors come into play and help our young adults build confidence and self reliance. Our participants come from many difficult circumstances such as homelessness, group homes, or treatment centers and really need guidance and support from a mature, trusted adult that they can rely on. If this is something that you are interested in please fill out the volunteer application.

Volunteer: the act of an individual freely giving time and labor for community service

Our volunteers are the heart of our program and we could not continue to serve some of our communities' most vulnerable population without you! We appreciate everything that our volunteers bring to this organization and would love the opportunity to work with you. If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the volunteer application.

Volunteer Opportunities

Event Planner

Do you enjoy coordinating small gatherings or events while having fun and encouraging others to do the same? We plan monthly events for our participants and their mentors to help build stronger relationships and need your help!

Life Skills Teacher

Do you enjoy teaching others new skills? We are looking for individuals that can teach basic life skills by turning them into a fun and interactive learning experience.

Examples of classes:
• Women's Health
• Proper Hygiene
• Cooking Skills
• Budgeting
• Grocery shopping
• Resume Building
• Job Searching/Interviewing
• Home cleaning


Transportation is one of the biggest challenges our young adults face. Are you willing to spare a few hours a month on helping to get our participants to appointments, food banks, or our resource center? We need your help!

Employment and Internship Opportunities

Executive Director - Full Time

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